Perfect possibility for you

Would you like to change your life? You are satisfied, but you know that it cannot be still same? It is perfect, when people can do important changes, because they are in love. Do you have your perfect girlfriend, who is perfect for you? So we offer you special Prague proposal , you will buy only beautiful ring and then you will come to us and choose the best package for you. Would you like to try private dinner, great time in chateau or you would like something original and you try individual proposal? We have everything for you and we can arrange almost everything.

Great place

If you will choose dinner, you can await great place – gardens under Prague Castle, where you will have flower decoration and nice candles, table full of tasty food and drink. It will be atmosphere for your special occasion, when you will pass the non-recurring moment. There will be our photographer, so you will tell him, when he should come or where he should stay for the best photos along your wish. But you can enjoy also night in luxury chateau, where you can enjoy different aromatic massages or other procedures.